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A wealth of Roman history and small-town Italian charm.
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Marte van Liere

Marte van Liere

Meet Marte van Liere, a “modernday hippie” operating from the heart of the Netherlands, whose middlename might as well be “wanderlust”.


Arnold Verona

Arnold S.A.S. di Simonelli Stefano & C.

Elegance is in the Italian blood, and most Italians would unhesitatingly give up comfort in order to achieve it. Yes, it is great if you have a good heart, but Italians would expect you to have well-groomed hair, an impeccable sense of dressing and a really neat pair of shoes. So it is no wonder that some of the world’s best sartorial artists are from Italy.

There are quite some men-only stores in Verona, with style written all over it. Arnold S.A.S. is definitely a store where I would like to take my boyfriend to for a shopping spree. Arnold only sells Italian brands, such as Bark, Tombolini and Paoloni. 100 % style guaranteed.

Via Quattro Spade , Verona

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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