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Renowned for it‚s beauty, architecture, atwork and water. A visit to Italy isn‚t complete without a stay in Venice.

Ilsoo van Dijk

Ilsoo van Dijk

Meet Ilsoo, the 28-year old photographer behind the Amsterdam-based Fat Kids Cake blog. Say what?! Read on.


A real one of a kind

In the small alleys of the Castello district, is the well hidden and intimate CoVino restaurant located. The restaurant is small and cosy, just like you would be dining at the chef’s home.

As soon as you arrive at the restaurant you will be seated at one of the restaurant’s four tables. After you are being treated to a glass of refreshing prosecco, the deliciously looking menu (consisting of three variable courses) will be served. Because of the uniqueness of the menu, this restaurant really stands out in comparison to others. When you expect a simple pasta, you’ll be in for a surprise. In the restaurant you will receive delicious culinary highlights, prepared in the traditional, Italian way.

CoVino is owned by two gentlemen that take care of most of the work. One of them is your host, the other one is the chef that prepares all the amazing dishes. A perfectly balanced team. Great service, provided by an expert and a cook with the proper skills and knowledge to give you a unique experience!

Calle Pestrin Castello 30122 – Venice
+39 041 241 2705

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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