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Renowned for it‚s beauty, architecture, artwork and water. A visit to Italy isn’t complete without a stay in Venice.

Ilsoo van Dijk

Ilsoo van Dijk

Meet Ilsoo, the 28-year old photographer behind the Amsterdam-based Fat Kids Cake blog. Say what?! Read on.



If you are a Fat Kid like us, you’ll definitely need to visit this small patisserie. You can find this charming gem right in the middle of the Cannareggio district. With a great selection of small, home-made treats, this shop really takes the cake!

The small, but cozy store looks amazing and fits right in with the rest of the street’s image. It might seem a little bit old-fashioned and over the top to some, but the wonderful things they create will probably remind you of the deliciously sweet presents your favourite grandmother used to make..

Pasticceria Dal Mas| Rio TerĂ  Lista de Spagna 150, Venice

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