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Storie di Stile - Rome

Without a doubt, the grande dame. In Italy‚s capital, the locals favour effortlessly pulled together looks that reflect the easygoing attitude of the city.

Bas en Frank van de Brug

Bas & Frank van de Brug

Meet Bas and Frank van de Brug, a pair of ambitious identical twins on a mission. No city is safe from their urban explorations. Young & Restless to the core!


Our second Storie di Stile item in Rome is about a place called “Wunderkammer”. A shop with locations opposite of each and loads of vintage furniture.

Silvestro and Massimiliano are the two masterminds behind this great little secret. Their love for vintage furniture just screamed for an own store, which they started in the small but vibrant street of Via del Boschetto on number 100 and 130. When in Rome please take a minute to visit their shop full of closets, benches, tables and wall and ceiling accessories.

Wunderkammer | Via del Boschetto 100 & 130, Rome

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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