Il Parco di Villa Borghese

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Storie di Stile - Rome

Without a doubt, the grande dame. In Italy‚s capital, the locals favour effortlessly pulled together looks that reflect the easygoing attitude of the city.

Bas en Frank van de Brug

Bas & Frank van de Brug

Meet Bas and Frank van de Brug, a pair of ambitious identical twins on a mission. No city is safe from their urban explorations. Young & Restless to the core!



Rome is world famous because of its wonderful scenery. It is the perfect spot for a romantic little get away. While strolling through the old streets and squares is a great way to spend your day, there is way more to see. Rome has a large amount of beautiful parks.
We discovered the lovely park and gardens of Villa Borghese by bike. This extremely photogenic park is located in the middle of the centre close to the Spanish steps and hides a few great museums as well.

Il Parco di Villa Borghese

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