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Hidden with the Sicilian capital‚s chaotic streets, magnificent architecture and passionate crowds is a Palermo style all its own. Not one style, but many Italian styles merged together.

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Lunch delight with a unique taste

Italian food is the best food. Palermo has a few hot spots when it comes to lunch or dinner and Gagini is the perfect example. When you walk into the restaurant you‚ll find a relaxed ambiance, with nice and easy jazz music. A thing you wouldn‚t expect in a typical, narrow Sicilian street. This makes Gagini unique for Palermo.

The menu is great and the pasta is assembled with care and made with purely fresh products. The mission of this restaurant is to enhance the quality of the dishes with an exclusive, cool, relaxing and delightful atmosphere. Even the chef de cuisine will come to your table to tell about the seasonal dishes. My favorite dish is the papperdelle with red mullet, followed by the tiramisu ‘according to nature‚ for dessert.

I like those places where you can find some time to relax, whilst in a vivid city. This is definitely a fancy place, where you‚ll find the perfect Italian style lunch!

Gagini Restaurant | Via Cassari 35, 90133 – Palermo

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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