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Hidden with the Sicilian capital‚s chaotic streets, magnificent architecture and passionate crowds is a Palermo style all its own. Not one style, but many Italian styles merged together.

Jenke van den Bos

Meet Jenke, who doesn‚t mind getting her clothes dirty for a great story. And Jenke‚s clothes are often dirty, because she‚s always on the go.



I read about this place when I knew that I was going to visit Palermo. I always search for concept stores when visiting a new city. In a concept store you‚ll find brands and items designed or picked by local designers. And that makes VUEDU one of the places I had to visit when going to this new Italian city.

At first you might not expect what this store has to offer. The clothing they sell (handmade!) is very nice, but not targeted on younger people. The lady in the store then showed me a small corridor in the shop.

Wow, through that small alley I found an exposition space where local artists presented their work and where book readings were held. Walking through the other side of the store you will find cool stuff to make travelling easier (crumpled, cotton maps that don‚t rip) or to spice up your home interior.

VUEDU is a place which will inspire you with local art and cool items you will not find in the regular shopping streets.

VUEDU Factory | Via Sperlinga 32, Palermo

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