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Hidden with the Sicilian capital‚s chaotic streets, magnificent architecture and passionate crowds is a Palermo style all its own. Not one style, but many Italian styles merged together.

Jenke van den Bos

Meet Jenke, who doesn‚t mind getting her clothes dirty for a great story. And Jenke‚s clothes are often dirty, because she‚s always on the go.



Nothing better than fresh, local Italian food. You’ll have to get up a bit early to go to the real street food market in Palermo. But seeing the locals being so passionate about their products, you’ll love it.

The Ballaro is probably the oldest of Palermo‚s Arabic markets. You will find mainly food stands. Especially fresh fish, which will be cut for you on the spot. Whole families are busy showing their products and making sure that visitors will notice them. It looks so colourful in this area.

When you are going there make sure to go early. The people are really friendly, but it can be a bit crowded. And in the morning there’s still plenty of choice.

Of course I had to buy some fresh vegetables for dinner. Some zucchini, aubergine and perfect pomodori tomatoes to make really good melanzane to keep the Italian vibe going!

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