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Marte van Liere

Marte van Liere

Meet Marte van Liere, a “modernday hippie” operating from the heart of the Netherlands, whose middlename might as well be “wanderlust”.



Vintage in complete Italian style, that‚s Cécile Boutiques. A small, elegant ‘living-room’ in the heart of Verona where you can find items from a selected choice of the most important Italian and international fashion brands.

Cécile Boutiques has become the store where customers can find clothes and accessories from not only recent collections but also vintage from the 40‚s right through the 80‚s in a warm and friendly atmosphere with professional service.

Because in Italy, vintage wouldn‚t be vintage if it wouldn‚t be stylish…

Cécile Boutiques | Via Salvatore Corte Reggia 9, Verona

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