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Marte van Liere

Marte van Liere

Meet Marte van Liere, a “modernday hippie” operating from the heart of the Netherlands, whose middlename might as well be “wanderlust”.



Twenty years ago, during some pipe work excavations in one of Verona‚s city centre squares surrounded by the old Scala Family buildings, were found so many Roman and early medieval remains that it was decided to create an underground museum to show them in their original context.

Two meters under the nowadays ground level you will find the Roman stone roads with sewers and the mosaic floors from the first century A.D., a Lombard tomb and the foundation work of medieval towers.

What makes it extra special, is that you can find well-curated contemporary photography of the International Photography Center displayed amid the Roman ruins.

And: no tourists, except for yourself. What a treat!

Scavi Scaligeri Museum | Cortile del Tribunale, Verona

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