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Renowned for it‚s beauty, architecture, atwork and water. A visit to Italy isn‚t complete without a stay in Venice.

Ilsoo van Dijk

Ilsoo van Dijk

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In the northern district Cannaregio you will find the famous Torrefazione Marchi. A small and one- of-kind true Venetian coffee bar. Founded in 1930, the coffee bar is the last remaining shop licensed to roast coffee on its premises.

The smell of freshly ground coffee can be detected from outside of the shop. This hardly comes as a surprise once you figure the best coffee from all over the world is being roasted and grinded here every single day in front of the eagerly awaiting visitors. The coffee is simply unmatched and no visit to this bar is complete without at least one cup of the brown goodness…

Out of all the Marchi Blends, the Café de la Sposa (Coffee of the Bride) should specifically kept in mind! This special mix of beans, that come from eight different regions, was created back in 1950.

Make sure you don‚t miss out on the opportunity to visit this hot spot! The friendly, helpful people that work there are already waiting for you! The perfect spot to start your day off fresh.

Torrefazione Marchi | Cannaregio 1337, Venice

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