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Renowned for it‚s beauty, architecture, artwork and water. A visit to Italy isn’t complete without a stay in Venice.

Ilsoo van Dijk

Ilsoo van Dijk

Meet Ilsoo, the 28-year old photographer behind the Amsterdam-based Fat Kids Cake blog. Say what?! Read on.



When you think about Venice, the beautiful hotel James Bond visited in “Casino Royale” comes to mind almost immediately, right? This high-end place can be reached by boat and is located near the tip of the Giudecca Island.

The island has its own private pier and the renowned St. Mark’s Square is only a few miles away across the lagoon.

The Belmond is something that needs to be experienced. It simply gives you a magical feeling. Maybe it’s because James Bond left his footprints there, or maybe it is because of the impressive and delicious cocktails they serve.. See for yourself!

Belmond Hotel Cipriani | Giudecca 10, Venice

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