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Renowned for it‚s beauty, architecture, artwork and water. A visit to Italy isn’t complete without a stay in Venice.

Ilsoo van Dijk

Ilsoo van Dijk

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San Michele is one of the most attractive islands of Venice. It’s just a few hundred metres away from the famous St. Mark’s Square and can only be reached by boat. While the square is mostly filled with tourists, San Michele is the exact opposite.

Even though you’d probably not even notice, the “Isle of the Dead” actually consists of two small islands, San Cristoforo della Pace and San Michele itself. Besides the cemetery with its funeral art, the church of San Michele in Isola is another perfect example of the Venetian Renaissance. This church, with its tower that offers you a magnificent view of Venice, is definitely worth a visit!

Because of the isle’s high population, people are not allowed to be buried there anymore. Sometimes, an exception will be made for a celebrity or prominent Venetian people. Ever since Napoleon created a burial ground here, the bodies of the deceased are transported to the isle by special gondolas.

These funeral gondolas still exist today. It’s just another one of the means of transportation Venice has, together with the Vaporetti, motorboats, rowboats, cargo vessels, flat bottom boats, ferries, taxi’s, police boats and ambulances, just to name a few, by which the living get by..

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