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Hidden with the Sicilian capital‚s chaotic streets, magnificent architecture and passionate crowds is a Palermo style all its own. Not one style, but many Italian styles merged together.

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Meet Jenke, who doesn‚t mind getting her clothes dirty for a great story. And Jenke‚s clothes are often dirty, because she‚s always on the go.


Storie di Mondello Beach

Palermo is a lovely city. When it comes to a nice fancy lunch, or an easy going coffee, this city has it all. The mainly young and creative crowd wandering around provides a vivid atmosphere. However, when you‚re visiting the island of Sicily you must see the nature and beaches as well.

An absolute must-do is to rent a scooter, of course an old Vespa, and drive just about an hour towards the famous and fancy Mondello beach. Take a refreshing swim or grab a small lunch. Enjoy the lovely Art Nouveau vibe of this busy, lively beach. It could be a movie scene!

By the way, make sure to keep driving and after crossing lovely small villages and winding roads you‚ll find a viewpoint on a cliff. This was just perfect. Amazing nature and amazing view. For a moment do like the Palermitani do and catch the afternoon sun rays while lying on the rocks.

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