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Hidden with the Sicilian capital‚s chaotic streets, magnificent architecture and passionate crowds is a Palermo style all its own. Not one style, but many Italian styles merged together.

Jenke van den Bos

Meet Jenke, who doesn‚t mind getting her clothes dirty for a great story. And Jenke‚s clothes are often dirty, because she‚s always on the go.



What really should be on your wish list when going to Palermo is to have a real street food lunch in one of the cute small streets of the city. By wandering the Palermo city centre I discovered this tiny restaurant in between two bigger squares.

Typical for the region is to have cute Italian families running the sweet little restaurants. Mainly there will be a nice buffet, from which you can pick fresh items. Of course fish and meat will be prepared on the spot, on a large grill! Besides that there are vegetables, which are soaked in tastefully oils. It sounds really posh or expensive maybe, but that’s not true.

My advice is to take the regular menu, for a fixed price you can taste everything from the buffet. And always ask for the special pasta (primo) of the house. That is a typical Italian real treat and they will definitely make a plate for you.

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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