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Rebecca Boektje

Rebecca Boektje

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Milan has a notorious nightlife. There are so many cool clubs and bars! Besides Cavalli Café (best cocktails ever) there is this one cool club called Byblos.

Byblos is an amazing outdoor discotheque with an impressive VIP area. They play all kind of cool music and everyone is pretty dressed up. The vibe is good and people really know how to party here! It starts at 02.00 and ends till you can see the sunrise. Be sure to get on time because at 01:30 there is this enormous line or be sure you are on the guestlist.

You do have to bring your creditcard because it is extremely expensive (beer wine cocktails all drinks even water cost 20euro) but Byblos is such a cool place you just can’t miss it!

Byblos Milano | Via Messina 38, Milan

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