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Rebecca Boektje

Rebecca Boektje

Meet Rebecca Boektje, actress, freelance photographer, creative producer, blogger, foodie—“I‚m always hungry”—and always working on her next awesome trip.



In the same street as my favourite coffee place Taglio, in the Navigli area, I spotted Garden K. It is a small shop in retro style with classic modern and cutting edge design products for adults and kids, including items produced exclusively. They have beautiful fashion, furnishing and jewellery. I fell in love with all the cute rings with hearts and letters.

Garden K is founded by Eunji Koo and Jim Christopher Nedd and they only have one rule: they don‚t have more than two items per product. This makes shopping much more interesting because you can find new things every week and the chance to meet someone on a party who wears the same skirt is almost impossible.

Garden K has several different designers but most of them are from Korea. Almost every weekend they have an aperitivo party with DJ and cocktails. So even if you are out of shop money you can always go for a drink!

Garden K | via Vigevano 35, Milan

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