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Catania - Storie di Stile Peroni

Sicily‚s second-largest city rocks – sometimes, quite literally thanks to its seismic history and proximity to the smoking volcano Etna. Centuries of classic treasures and design are on display in its old town.


Karine Bloem - Storie di Stile Peroni

Karine Bloem

Meet Karine, freelance journalist, copywriter and creative multi-talent. Oh, and she‚s got her own popular online lifestyle magazine to prove it!


Finding anything really fashionable in Catania is quite a challenge. Catania is not the place in Italy which exudes fashion, though if you divert a little from the main streets you might find something hidden, and sometimes it turns out to be interesting.

Tucked away in a courtyard in one of Catania’s main shopping streets is ‘Cortileventinove’. It is called a concept store, but the meaning of the word is widely interpreted. Here it doesn’t convey a range of upcoming designers or bespoke selection of goods, no, it is more a variety of products reflecting the city’s lifestyle. What you’ll find here is beach wear, bling accessories, some bags and…wine and olive oil!

The owner tells us that they produce their own wine and olive oil at the foot of the Etna, at the Azienda Agricola Aragona. Within a second he pulls out plastic cups to let us taste what is probably the best olive oil we had ever tasted: velvety and soft. It’s so good you can even drink it! (seems to be very cleansing).

Concept Store Cortileventinove | Via Etnea, 29 | Catania

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