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Sicily‚s second-largest city rocks – sometimes, quite literally thanks to its seismic history and proximity to the smoking volcano Etna. Centuries of classic treasures and design are on display in its old town.


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Karine Bloem

Meet Karine, freelance journalist, copywriter and creative multi-talent. Oh, and she‚s got her own popular online lifestyle magazine to prove it!


Catania is a city of contrasts, as proves the location of the Romano Design Hotel. The street is almost dilapidated, and then all of a sudden rises the sleek facade of a 4-star hotel. It is owned by the Romano family, who also own the Romano Palace Hotel.

The Romano House is a mix of 17th century architecture with contemporary design and offers 50 rooms and suites, each decorated differently while maintaining baroque details such as frescos on the ceiling.

Adjacent to the hotel is Il Riccio restaurant, where we had a lovely diner in a merely black setting enhanced with red accents to add some warmth and cosiness. The menu consists of reinterpreted traditional Sicilian dishes. And they come in copious portions too!

Romano House| Via G. Di Prima 20, Catania

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