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Catania - Storie di Stile Peroni

Sicily‚s second-largest city rocks – sometimes, quite literally thanks to its seismic history and proximity to the smoking volcano Etna. Centuries of classic treasures and design are on display in its old town.


Karine Bloem - Storie di Stile Peroni

Karine Bloem

Meet Karine, freelance journalist, copywriter and creative multi-talent. Oh, and she‚s got her own popular online lifestyle magazine to prove it!

Sicily is known for its pastries, and with my sweet tooth, a visit to a pasticceria was a must! There are lots of them, but one of the best and classiest ones is Caffe Europa at the end of Corso Italia.

There is so much on display that it’s hard to choose. I chose four different pastries; the cannoli with pistachios, a shortbread/ricotta tarte with wild strawberries, a rum baba, and the typical Catanian ‘Minni di st Agata’; a dome shaped cassata with a light green glaze and a candied cherry on top. They are all heavenly…

Did you know that most Sicilian pastries are made with almond or pistachio flour, and therefore gluten-free?

Caffe Europa | Corso Italia, 302-306, Catania

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