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One of Europe‚s oldest cities is also one of its most culturally eclectic – from religious relics to contemporary cuisine, this fantastic urban town has it all

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The Bellini House B&B

The Bellini House – the name stems from the idea that they wanted a place downtown where they could invite their friends and guests — something more than the standard hotel.

They imagined a home away from home that everyone could consider “theirs”. A house which was made to receive guests, entertain them, intrigue them and most of all, allow them to relax and get to know the city of Naples.

An ideal place to crash some nights in the city centre. And big rooms compared to the Italian standards. If you are still looking for some great tips in Naples, just ask the owner, he is very helpful and has the best tips for you.

The Bellini House | Via Santa Maria di Costantinopoli 94, Naples

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