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Rebecca Boektje

Rebecca Boektje

Meet Rebecca Boektje, actress, freelance photographer, creative producer, blogger, foodie—“I‚m always hungry”—and always working on her next awesome trip.



A hit among the local population in Milan (Dsquared even hired the restaurant off for their birthday party, you feel me?) And I can see why. U Barba is casual, stylish and cozy. The food is delicious and the owner Marco has a pasta factory next to his restaurant where they make all the pasta. Delicious!

U barba also has a lovely courtyard and the interior design is a mix between a trendy furniture showroom and a vintage cool concept store. You feel at home immediately. And it is, in contrast to many other restaurants in Milan not expensive. Great vibe, good prices and super delicious and fresh food.

U Barba | Via Pier Candido Decembrio 33, Milan

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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