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Rebecca Boektje

Rebecca Boektje

Meet Rebecca Boektje, actress, freelance photographer, creative producer, blogger, foodie—“I‚m always hungry”—and always working on her next awesome trip.



Every last Sunday of the month you have an antique market with jewellery, furniture, accessories and other cool stuff on both sides of the Naviglio Grande. And when you are done shopping and fancy a coffee, you really should go to Taglio.

This is a very cute but trendy place where they only work with local traders and farmers. Everything is organic, from Italy and most of the time hand made of made with lots of love. The coffee is amazing. Why? For their espressos and cappuccinos they use Marzocco, the Ferrari of coffee machines. It‚s a jewel hand built in Scarborough.

Taglio is ideal for coffee but it‚s also a kitchen, bar, supermarket and cocktail bar. What do you need more?

Taglio | Via Vigevano 10, Milan

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