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Rebecca Boektje

Rebecca Boektje

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Fonderie Milanesi

Fonderie Milanesi, the perfect get away for a unique lunch!

For sure you won‚t find this place by accident. This is what I call an undiscovered treasure. Fonderi Milanesi is hidden behind several courtyards and even if you have the address it‚s quite hard to find. And when you finally see the big door, you still have no clue of what‚s behind that gate. But wow, it‚s totally worth the trip…

When you enter Fonderie Milanesi you imagine yourself in a different world. The opposite of the so called chique but often very posh Milan style you‚ll find here. The atmosphere of the old Milan in a nineteenth-century style old warehouse with the most cool industrial accents and amazing vintage art and furniture.

They also have a sunny courtyard which is very cosy and has this typical Italian rural atmosphere. The food? The food is amazing. I had the best chicken club sandwich ever!

On sunday‚s they serve their special brunch menu. You pay 20 euros and you can pick something from the menu which they serve with all kind of healthy salads on the side and some finger licking deserts afterwards. Tea and coffee are included.
Looking for a romantic restaurant? Or a quite place to spend the afternoon? You want to go somewhere special but relaxed? You really want to impress your dinner date? Fonderie is the answer to all these questions.

Via Giovenale, 7, 20136 Milano
T +39 02 36527913

Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol. over alcohol

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Met trots voor u gebrouwen. Geen 18, geen alcohol.
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