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Three restaurant concepts under one roof!

Italian food is always good! At Cucina Torcicoda you have the choice of three different restaurants. Dine at the traditional Pizza restaurant, a bistro or a more upscale and chic restaurant. This concept makes Cucina Torcicoda a perfect place for dinner during a city trip to Florence.

All different restaurant areas have their own vibe and interior design. The connection between the three is that they all have a warm decor and make you feel at home immediately.

The upscale restaurant is a great place to enjoy a long dinner with friends. Cucina Torcicoda specialty on the menu is a choice of different meats grilled to perfection. If you like to eat meat the Black Angus is a must try. You can order the meat to share with your friends after one of the delicious starters.

Cucina Torcicoda | Via Torta 5r, Florence

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