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Sicily‚s second-largest city rocks – sometimes, quite literally thanks to its seismic history and proximity to the smoking volcano Etna. Centuries of classic treasures and design are on display in its old town.


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Blanc à Manger

Is it a cake shop? A tea room? Or a restaurant? Blanc à Manger has it all! What catches the eye first is the girly tea room slash bakery. You don’t have to choose between macaroons or cupcakes, you can have both. And gelato too.

Blanc à Manger is an eclectic mix of French, British and American influences, also reflected by what they serve. Always on a quest to try something new, I’ve ordered a piece of pistachio cheesecake…Mama Mia! Bombastic, (we’re talking ‘cheese’ cake here) but such a delight. Ask for the takeaway box if you can’t finish it all at once.

There are two entries; one for the bakery/tearoom and one for the brasserie. If the guys can’t stand the cotton candy colors and overload of sweetness, just send them off to the brasserie in the back to grab a club sandwich or a burger.

Tip: You can have brunch here on Sunday.

Blanc à Manger | Via Santa Filomena 55, Catania

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