Squadro Stamperia

City of Bologna

Bologna Storie di Stile

Within the medieval architecture of this intellectual, cultural and musical capital lie many untold secrets and arguably Italy‚s most creative cuisine.

Bologna Sven den Hartogh Storie di Stile

Sven Signe den Hartogh

Meet Sven, the guy who started Stranded Sailors because he simply couldn‚t resist the inner urge to create and inspire.


We accidentally walked along this place, an awesome gallery where the artists use their environment to create some great art.

By inviting artists from over the whole world, exhibiting art and just letting creativity flow they run their atelier. For me it was very inspiring to visit a place where so many passionate people come together.

Squadro Stamperia Galleria d’Arte | via Nazario Sauro 27/b, Bologna

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